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2021 Olympics

| July 27, 2021

I wanted to share some of the good news emanating from this year’s COVID Olympics.  Like many Americans, I haven’t paid much attention to the Olympics.  But I couldn’t stop from keeping tabs on the shooting sports and the athletes that represented America.  I especially could not miss watching the skeet shooting.

Olympic skeet is more difficult than the American version.  For instance, the targets are thrown further, 65 yards, they are thicker making them harder to break and the minimum speed that they leave the traps is 65 miles per hour.  Also adding to the challenge, the shooter must not shoulder the gun and there is anywhere from a 1 to 3 second delay after the shooter calls for the targets.  I watched the final round of the men’s skeet and if it hadn’t been for the targets leaving a dust cloud after they were broken, you would have never seen the targets at all.  NBC did a terrible job, I have seen the Outdoor Channel televise skeet and sporting clay events and the camera crew actually captured the moving targets, day and night. 

I was proud that Americans won Gold Medals in the Men’s Skeet (Vincent Hancock) and the Women’s Skeet, 1LT Amber English USA. (Go Army!)

What really caught my attention was the 57 year old shooter from Kuwait, Abdullah Al-Rashidi.  Abdullah captured the Bronze for his country!!  When you stop and consider the average age of most of the competing athletes, this is truly remarkable.  But what also makes this an even greater story of determination is Kuwait has one of the strictest firearms laws in the world! Not to mention Kuwait isn’t exacting teaming with places to shoot, much less practice at the level required to qualify and medal at the Olympics!

So I guess the real story here is age is but a number and determination and planning are critical in winning.


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