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Are You Reaching Your Goals?

| September 13, 2021

Laura and I are truly blessed in that we work with our clients every day to help them reach their goals.  As retirement specialist we obviously help people understand, plan and live in retirement.  The reality is, we help them do much more.  Most come to us seeking the large answer of when can I retire.  But as we all move through the planning process, we help them achieve many of their goals that prior to working with us,they could never imagine fulfilling.  We are able to model the travel that they put off during their careers, we help them plan their estate, we help with the educational funding of their children and grand children, we open their eyes to the possibility of second homes.  We have even helped some "retire" from their old job and do second careers that they find much more fulling.  It is so rewarding to be able to share in the journey with them.

But as we have said in previous posts, the chances of success are much greater when working with a professional who specializes in helping with that goal.  I am no different.  I set some personal goals this year and I am pleased to say that because I worked with people who were experts in each of those goals, I have attained them.  This past weekend I reached my goal of moving to a higher competitive class in sporting clay's.  I definitely couldn't not have done with out the coaching of Wayne Mitchell at Limestone Hunting Preserve and Sporting Clay's.  My goal of losing 20 lbs has also been achieved thanks to Nutri System!  I am well on my way to achieving some of my professional goals with the help of my business coach.

If you have goals that you would like to obtain, give us call!


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