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Cleaning Your Finacial House

| January 12, 2019


Here it is, the new year already!  And right in the midst of holiday gatherings and celebrations, the stock market took an unprecedented roller coaster ride.  If you haven’t done it yet, this may indeed be the year that you need – and decide to - clean your financial house.

The floor may need some cleaning or resurfacing.  As the base of your financial future, your portfolio may have become unbalanced after a year of ups and downs, becoming more aggressive, or conservative, than you intended.

The windows may need some washing too.   Are you able to see your financial future clearly and do you have an action plan?  Check the doors and windows for leaks while you’re at it.  It’s easy to let dollars escape that could be put to better use elsewhere.

Has your financial plan gotten dusty?  It’s time to clean off the cobwebs.  And make sure the ladder is sturdy, so you can be confident that the actions you are taking with your money today will work together for your financial success in the future.

Don’t’ let a leaky roof rain on your retirement plans.  I encourage you to make an investment in planning your financial future today.   I’m confident you will be happy that you did!







Laura Mickels has spent more than 30 years working for investors with both Wall Street and independent firms.  CochranMickels Retirement Specialists provides personalized planning and investment services to individuals approaching and in retirement.


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