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Fear and Loathing in Retirement

| June 19, 2018


My wife Laura and I are out in the community a lot and are often asked “what do you do?”  When we answer that we are retirement specialists, more often than not, the response is “I’ll never retire.”  How sad.  I come from a family who has spent many generations farming and cattle ranching out west.  The common saying is “Uncle Richard is going to die in the yoke.”  At the intersection of perception, reality, and fact, that rarely occurs.

A study done by Willis Towers Watson provided the following:  39% people retire or scale back working so that they can enjoy more leisure activities such as travel while they have their health.  27% retire because their employer has provided some incentive to do so.  18% retire because they no longer feel valued or the employer has become dismissive of their contributions.  Only 8% retire because they are no longer physically able to do their job.  The other 8% retire because they have become eligible for Social Security or the spouse had retired.  Few “die in the yoke.”

Retirement holds a lot of uncertainties for many people, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Sitting down with a professional to develop a personalized plan can unburden you of your retirement worries so you can focus on enjoying your life.  Give us a call; we would love to see if we could help you.





Mike Mickels is President of CochranMickels Retirement Specialists and an avid sporting clay competitor. CochranMickels Retirement Specialists provides personalized planning and investment services to individuals approaching and in retirement.  They also provide retirement and benefits training to Federal employees.




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