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Is This Goodbye??

| July 28, 2020

Like many of you in Huntsville, I’ve read the terrible news about Remington filing for bankruptcy a second time. I have no idea what caused it, if you want to read about conjecture or opinions, the Wall Street Journal and MSNBC will provide that. What I do know as a competitive shooter and hunter, the firearms business is not as easy as those two news outlets lay it out to be. For starters, most, if not all firearms last for 20 years or more. Can you imagine what Bill Gates fortune would be like if Windows lasted that long? How about Apple? Imagine an Iphone that lasted 20 years and you could easily buy a used one at Larry’s Pistol and Pawn. I would say the fortunes of both Microsoft and Apple would be much smaller, if they even survived at all.

Speaking of survival, Remington began operations in 1816 in New York and has been the longest running manufacturer in the US. Longer than Ford, GM, Boeing, and Lockheed. Lots of history, American history. Remington has also helped equip our military.  From sniper rifles, to shotguns and automatic weapons for the Secret Service.  Remington is as American as apple pie.

The first shotgun I ever owned was a Remington 870. I took many limits of duck and pheasant with that shotgun. My first rifle was the Remington 7mm Mag and I harvested my first deer with that rifle. I always maintained Remington provided a quality product at a good price point that allowed a lot of people to enjoy hunting and the outdoors. To this day, Remington ammunition is some of the best factory loads that you can purchase. Among big game hunters, there is a saying, the deadliest mushroom in the forest is a Remington Core-loct™ bullet. Among sporting clay shooters, Remington shot shell ammo is highly coveted.  After patterning many rounds, I often wonder if Pfizer doesn't hold a secondary patent on the shot!  It is what Laura and I shoot in tournaments.

These past few years, Laura and I have come to know many of Remington's employees.  We learned so much from them and enjoyed their camaraderie shooting sporting clay's up at Limestone Hunting Preserve and Sporting Clay's.  I sure hope this isn't goodbye.




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