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| November 21, 2021

We all have some definition of leadership.  In fact, if you spend any amount of time on LinkedIn, it is dripping with parables, pictures and memes of leadership.  Then of course, there are all wonderful posts about military leaders, everything from harrowing tales of combat to simplistic rituals of making your bed every morning from a Navy SEAL.

What I always felt good leadership was not so much what you did in your careers or professions, that is somewhat of a given.  To me, good leadership also is how you conduct yourselves in your personal or recreational time.  So let me introduce you to the ladies of the Tennessee Valley GRITS (Girls Really Into Shooting).  They have been meeting once a month for about 6 months to shoot sporting clay's and spend time enjoying each other’s company and some adult libations.

This past Saturday they had their monthly shoot and they brought 2 newcomers.  When I say newcomers, I mean neither had ever fired a shotgun and one had never heard a gun go off!  Add to the mix, it was terribly cold, and the wind was blowing a steady 30mph, conditions that would test the mettle of any serious sporting clay shooter.  I got to witness firsthand how each of these ladies, Stephanie Kutis, Melony Yearta, Lynne Hendrie and Laura Mickels explain how to SAFELY handle and fire a shotgun.  And they covered the whole gamut of guns, pump, auto-loaders and over-and-under shotguns.  Then they showed the 2 newcomers how to break targets that were 40 to 50 yards out traveling at 50 mph or more.  They accomplished this in a way that was kind and uplifting.  Leaders, every one of them!

So, if you happen to see Stephanie, Melony, Lynne or Laura, congratulate them!  Aside from being accomplished leaders, there are 2 things that you can be certain of; 1. They shoot better than 80% of the men wearing Gucci-flage and blaze orange. 2. They will never go hungry!




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