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| February 27, 2020

It looks like we are about a month away from moving into our new office location.  Laura has chosen the colors, carpet and other floor treatments.  We are all very excited to get into our new space.  One of the other announcements we had was that we would begin rolling out some new software solutions that will greatly enhance our client experience.

We have upgraded our financial planning software

The new upgrade provides for more robust tax planning.  We can get very specific now with Roth Conversions, Qualified Charitable Distributions and other tax events that occur when planning and living out your retirement.

We can accurately illustrate insurance needs for specific periods of time and provide the true cost of insurance if it wasn’t used.  This provides the most economical way to cover the risk and protect future earnings and assets.

We can better illustrate future income gaps either with a straight line or Monte Carlo simulations.  We can show what possible solutions may work better, for instance, annuities or home equity conversion mortgages. Please note:  proceeds from a mortgage or loan cannot be used to either invest in securities or purchase a life insurance contract or annuity.  We can show the probability of success with and without, giving you the best information to decide what you are most comfortable with.

All of this is still interactively and collaboratively designed with our clients.  They get to see the results in real time as the information inputted, they can see immediately what works and what doesn’t.  NO MORE RULE Of THUMBS!!!!

If you are tired of guessing and want to start planning for the next half of your life, give us a call.  256-417-4870.



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