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| November 06, 2021

It is hard to believe, but we are into the holiday season.  As we are thinking about the fun we are going to have, the family we will see and all of the shopping we will do, we should remember that this is a busy season for thieves as well.  While we are all schooled in the obvious of putting valuables in the trunk to avoid having our cars broken into, we need to secure our key fobs as well.. Thieves now have electronic devices in which they can put themselves between your vehicle and the fob that is either in your pocket or purse and can then unlock and steal your vehicle in seconds.  No need for a slim Jim, no need to hotwire, modern technology allows the thieves to carry a repeater and a transmitter and use the signal that your key fob transmits to your vehicle to gain access to your car and drive off.  This phenomenon is called "relay theft" and in one study, it accounts for 66% of the stolen vehicles in 2020.  One way that you can make it more difficult for them, and easy and convenient for you, is to put your fob in a Faraday bag.  The bags are inexpensive and easily fit in your pocket or purse.  This hit a little close to home when Laura and I learned that a close friend of ours lost his pick-up truck in San Antonio Texas while stopping for lunch last week.

I hope you find this helpful, I know Laura and I sleep a little better at night, especially when we travel and are keys are in the "bag".


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