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Pull For The Salvation Army

| May 05, 2022

I am back at the office after helping out with the local chapter of the Salvation Army first sporting clay tournament.  As many of you know, I have helped out with a number of charity shoots in Huntsville.  I was absolutely amazed at the board members of the Salvation Army who made today's shoot possible.  I wanted to give a huge shoutout to Paige Pearman-Sandlin.  She ran this shoot like she had been doing them all her life.  No drama, no issues, just a well run shoot.  There were other board members who participated, they stood in the hot sun listening to people yell "pull" all day long. I apologize for not remembering their names, but they played an integral part in the success as well.  I have it on good authority, the Salvation Army even made a little money on the shoot!

I also want to thank Ray Pearman Lincoln and Woody Anderson Ford.  Both of these dealerships jumped in and helped make this the best charity shoot I have been to in Alabama.  If you get a chance to thank them, please do.  Better yet, if you need a new vehicle, you should see these folks first, they are wonderful community partners.  And full disclosure, every car I have ever bought I did so from Ray Pearman!  They are just as good with cars as they are with sporting clay tournaments.

Lastly, the Salvation Army is an incredible resource for those who are not as fortunate of us.  And, they are always there to help anyone who has to deal with the aftermath of a tornado.  We are known to have experienced a few of those and the Salvation Army canteen truck is a mainstay at these tragic disasters.  They have many other programs to help the community, from the homeless to the elderly.  If you can remember, don't forget to put something in the kettle this coming Christmas Season!


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