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Take This Job and Shove It!!

| June 03, 2021



With respects to David Allan Coe and Johnny Paycheck

I have the privilege to work with people in planning the rest of their lives. Most of them have thought about not working any longer, but their thoughts are often more about what they wouldn’t be doing rather than what they could be doing.  

As a retirement planner, I get to dream with my clients – what would they do if they had the time and money?  You may be surprised to know that this conversation usually takes place over several meetings of an hour or more.  There is a lot to think about when you lose your assumptions about how income and money will work in retirement!

Most people have thought about the income they’ll need in retirement. It’s often a replacement for their current paycheck, where they can save for big items like they do today.  If you want to maximize your money, you must think differently about it.  What is the life you really want to live, not just what you can get by on?  Sure, you’d like your last check to bounce, but how much can you really withdraw from your assets – and when – to be confident you’ll have enough to the end?  How much is going to go to pay taxes?  When you withdraw from a traditional 401K or IRA, you’re going to have to pay income taxes on the withdrawal as well.  That withdrawal suddenly got a lot bigger.  Sadly, these questions often concern people so much that it keeps them from doing the things they’d love to do, when they finally have time to do it.

Just as sadly, this also keeps some people from planning because they think they’ll never have enough money to retire and they work until they can’t.  A retirement planner can help you to retire by choice - rather than by chance!   Don't leave it to chance, call us today!