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The Ballistics of Retirement Planning

| August 15, 2022

I often equate sporting clays with retirement planning.  It has many many similarities, the biggest being the targets for both are always moving and changing.  As Laura and I shoot more tournaments and compete at many different shoots across the country, we are always looking for something to improve our scores, to hit more targets.  I recently did a very analytical dive into the ballistics of the shot shells we have been using.  I wanted to see what, if any programs were out there where I could see for myself how we could improve our scores by just changing one or two components in the shot shells we are currently using. I purchased a program and  I plugged in all of the pertinent information that was on the box of shells and was blown away (pun intended) as to what I had found.  Contrary to what a lot of so called experts say, shells do make a difference and I can see the data with my own eyes!  So, based on the ballistics, I know just by changing the size of the shot we will increase our scores by 3% to 7%.  That's going to be an impressive improvement in our scores!

Having a retirement plan can give you the same clarity.  We use an interactive plan in which you can see which of the components of your plan you can change to increase the success of hitting your retirement target.  Because our plans are comprehensive, we also show which investment strategy works to increase your chances of hitting that retirement target as well. We can run Monte Carlo Simulations (1000 different scenarios) and stress test the portfolios to see the performance of the investments in up as well as down markets.  In short, we can show you the "ballistics" of what you will need to increase your chances of hitting your retirement target and being able to adjust for all of the different market and life variables.

We have also added legacy and generational wealth strategies to our offering.  This is going to be an extraordinary upgrade for those who plan on leaving a legacy for their children or a charity.  This is included in our plans at no extra charge!

If you are looking for data driven process to your retirement planning, call us at 256-417-4870.


Mike Mickels is the President of CochranMickels Retirement Specialists and an avid sporting clay competitor. CochranMickels Retirement Specialists provides personalized planning and investment services to individuals approaching and in retirement. They also provide retirement and benefits training to Federal employees.  Securities offered through Registered Representatives of Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., a broker-dealer, member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc, a Registered Investment Advisor. CochranMickels and Cambridge are not affiliated.