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Who Is Coaching You?

| March 21, 2021

I am excited to write this blog.  Laura and I just returned from shooting and I scored a 92!  This was a tremendous improvement and I owe it to my coach, Wayne Mitchell at Limestone Hunting Preserve and Sporting Clay's.  As I reflect back on my life I have always had coaches.  From my little league days in San Bruno California, to my swimming and water polo coach, William Richard Perry from high school, to my AAU swim coach and my college swim coach.  All along the way, I was fortunate to have such high caliber coaches!  I consider myself blessed that I am still in contact with my high school coach, he has turned out to be a wonderful mentor for my adult life as well.

But back to coaches.  Everyone needs coaching, even the pros.  There are even some personal trainers who do a lot of coaching getting people back in physical shape.  Here in Huntsville, there are a plethora a business coaches.  But have you stopped to think about your financial and retirement plan?  Do you have a coach who is monitoring your progress and helping you reach your goals for the second half of your life?  I am proud to partner with and be married to one the best financial coaches around.  Laura has been in the investing business over 40 years and she has completed over 100 comprehensive financial plans!  If you stacked them all up on 22lb paper, the stack would be over 6 feet high.  She is a wonderful coach who can not only explain the processes to you in a comfortable way, but also make you feel good about the journey you are on.

If you are interested in getting your retirement score to a spot that lets you sleep at night, give us a call.  If you want to raise your shooting scores, see Wayne up at Limestone!


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