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Commitment to Community

We are humbled by the trust that our community has put into our firm. And we are just as grateful to be able to give back to the community. For the last 5 years, we have given back over 10% of our gross earnings to the community in donations and sponsorship's.

Our founder is also deeply committed to helping empower women, not just with their finances but with their lives. As an avid sporting clay shooter, Laura wanted to introduce women to the sport of sporting clay's and came up with a way to introduce women who have never fired a shotgun.  Because of Laura's determination and desire to help women, she has not only introduced women to the sport but also formed the first all ladies shooting league that will be competing in a number of the local charity shoots. Laura organizes and runs Lipstick N Lead, an event that gives women the opportunity to shoot for the first time in a comfortable atmosphere and benefits local charities.

Laura currently serves as  President of the Women's Economic Development Council (WEDC).  Laura has a deep passion for helping people and helping to empower women.  For over 40 years, Laura has worked with quiet determination and resolve to become a respected professional in wealth management, a field that males have traditionally dominated.  She has also held senior leadership positions at Charles Schwab where she oversaw the integration of banking into the brokerage industry, she worked on the team that brought the internet and Wall Street together with E-Schwab and worked on the merger and acquisition of Rose and Company and U.S. Trust.