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The Ladies Room

I have spent over 39 years working in an industry that has been dominated by men. I was fortunate to spend most of my career working with a company that recognized the important role women play in finance and specifically, family finance.

I understand the concerns that you have with money and I share my expertise in a way that is easy to understand and makes sense. I won’t waste your time spewing jargon that is rarely spoken outside of the floor of the exchange. I won’t deflect with complicated strategies to show you how much I know and you don’t. What I will do is find out about you and what you want your money to provide. I will work hard to develop a relationship with you and spend every day earning your trust.

I understand the important role that women play in finances and we understand that at some point in our lives, we will have to go it alone. I can partner with you so that you don’t spend precious moments worrying about something that is just a means to an end. Whatever your financial goals are, worrying about them shouldn't be one.  If you would like to speak to Laura directly, book a consultation now.

Laura C. Mickels, Founder

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