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When Can I Retire???

Do you know the answers to these questions?

  • When can I take Social Security benefits in a way that is best for me?
  • I am concerned that I'll outlive my money.  Can you project how my savings will last for anywhere from 20-40 years of retirement?
  • What pension distribution choices are right for me?
  • How much retirement income can I reasonably expect to have?
  • What is the best withdrawal rate that is appropriate for me?
  • How much money should be in guaranteed investments?
  • How can I rearrange investments to reduce taxable income in retirement?
  • Should I pay off my mortgage prior to or during retirement?
  • What are my long-term care insurance needs?
  • Now that I am retired, I am constantly worried about a major market correction wiping out my savings.  How can we protect ourselves against this?
  • We want to travel more now that our children have graduated from college.  Should we save every penny for retirement?  How much can we comfortably spend now and still be well positioned for retirement?

We partner with clients in long-term, trusted fiduciary Financial Advisor/Retirement Advisor relationship. We strive to provide financial peace of mind by delivering tailored objective advice designed with innovative technology, personal service and over 40 years of experience all of which give our clients the confidence to pursue their own passion, dreams and lifestyle.  We are Huntsville's retirement planning specialists.

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